Industry Energy databases

A useful tool for Organisations such as CT Wales and CT Northern Ireland, who wanted to consolidate information on who were their main clients, their energy/ CO2 emissions, opportunities to reduce emissions, and ultimately decide how best to focus resources.  In addition, databases could feed into the larger Energy/ GHG picture for UK Devolved Administrations (see National and Regional Enerty Balances in the  main menu), providing a bottom-up picture that could be compared against the top-down figures – allowing one to identify gaps or missing data, or occasionally identify errors in the top-down figures.

Repeated over time, these databases could be used to track change to total emissions, as well as the fuel make-up.

A proposed refinement to this process was to disaggregate sectors into meaningful sub-sectors, then analyse energy against a series of “activity measures” for each sub-sector.  This would allow one to track:

(a) how the Region performs over time taking into account changes to the economy mix, and
(b) how (say) Industry or key sub-sectors has performed over time – given the huge differences in the relative energy intensity/ CO2 emissions per unit output across these sub-sectors.

Unfortunately, this refinement was never progressed with the UK Devolved Administrations, but the basis has been used to generate recommendations for the Russian EE Indicator study (see main menu).

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