Most of Paul’s work in China was as the Industry Energy Expert for Liaoning Province, although he did also support SECDIC, the Chinese Energy Agency, to develop an energy efficiency strategy for the Chinese Steel Industry.


Industry Energy Expert for Liaoning Province.


Part of a major EU-China Environmental programme, covering seven strands of environmental improvements and industry restructuring , including: clean coal technology, cleaner production, waste minimisation, energy strategy and efficiency, etc.

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The Industry Energy expert activities first comprised short walk-through audits of some 18 major industrial sites in the Province – covering most major industrial sectors, followed by a more detailed assessment of 3 of these. The aim was:

  • To “drill-down” into both energy and waste saving opportunities, feeding information into the high-level model of energy consumption patterns across Lioaning;
  • Based on the observations, estimate the savings across the Province from (a) Energy Management and behavioural changes, (b) no/low cost opportunities and (c) investment opportunities.

Saving potentials of between 20-30% were considered realistic. Many of these could be achieved through no/low cost activities, staff training and raised awareness. In addition:

  • Started a library of Energy Efficiency/ Waste Minimisation literature – often abridged versions of UK, US and other publications, translated into Chinese.
  • Developed benchmark exercises for three selected sub-sectors within the chemicals, metals and minerals sectors.

The final report recommended that Liaoning’s Energy programme be developed in a systematic manner by setting a series of medium-term targets for key sectors and large Enterprises, but with Government support to help meet these targets. It proposed a route by which energy management could be best implemented in Liaoning via its Provincial Government; key to this was establishing a Liaoning Provincial Energy Strategy.

Energy Efficiency Strategy for the Steel Sector (2000)

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A small, GEF funded project to provide advice and assistance to SECDIC, the Chinese Energy Agency, to help develop an energy efficiency strategy for the Chinese Steel Industry. Advice involved in-country training plus providing recommendations on the setting up and implementation of a strategy, based on UK experience, and methodologies for monitoring the impact from its actions.


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