South Africa

Energy costs in South Africa have been historically low, which has been a major is incentive for industry or commerce to do anything about it. Energy was often <5% of the operating costs, even for some “energy-intense” sectors. But things have been hanging and are likely to continue changing. Electricity prices doubled over the past 3-4 years, and projections are that they will double again over the next five years. All of a sudden, EE is hot news!
Paul is one of the Technical Expert for “Green Energy Efficiency Fund” (GEEF), an investment fund supported by German KfW and administered through the South African International Development Corporation (IDC). Activities include:

  • Walk-through surveys of sites meeting the GEEF profile criteria. To date, 12 Organisations visited, reviewed and follow-up activities developed.
  • Detailed energy assessments of numerous specific EE investment opportunities, particularly those offering substantial electricity savings.
  • Training and other awareness-raising activities to local industrial Sector Associations and regional road-shows.

To date, some excellent EE, RE and co-gen projects have been identified and are being developed, as well as EE projects also offering huge potential bolt-on greenhouse gas emission reductions.

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