ISO140001 at ISCT

At Industria Sarmei – Campia Turzii (ISCT) steel-works near Cluj, Romania.  In 1999/2000, the site operated an Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) for re-melting steel scrap and turning into wires/ chords/ etc.  Throughput at was 300,000 t/y.

The DFID supported project assessed a series of energy and waste saving opportunities, as part of an EE/ waste min strategy, under an ISO14001 Environmental Management umbrella.  The medium term aims were:

  • gain ISO accreditation, and
  • reduce energy and other waste by $25/t steel, which would save approx $7.5 million/y.

Working with a dedicated Energy Team, and in collaboration with the Romanian Metallurgical Institute (Bucharest), the first activities were to identify Energy Centres to work on and ensure these had adequate sub-metering.  This was followed by a suitable period of baseline “do-nothing” metering whilst EE ideas were prioritized (but with emphasis on “quick-win” opportunities to give the campaign a flying start).  EE projects were then carried out and the “after” performance assessed.

The steel plant benefited from substantial savings at several of its Workshops and Utility functions.  Some examples below.

Experiences were amalgamated into Case Studies and “Dissemination Strategy” documents. The Romanian Energy Agency plus the Metallurgical Institute have since used these to transfer experience to other Balkan steel operators via a mini “best practice” programme.


In 2002 the Host was awarded ISO14001 accreditation, the first energy-intense industrial site in Romania to achieve this standard.

EE in Paper-Making

Team Leader for a short, 3-man team audit of a moderately large paper-manufacturer. The audit identified and explored several investment opportunities that would significantly reduce the site’s energy and water consumption as well as improve the performance and retention yield. However, the team felt that there were numerous better process and system optimisation improvements that should be first introduced that would offer far quicker return on investment, as well as reduce or even eliminate the need for some of the investments.


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