During early 2014, Paul carried out Energy Audit training, first for the Kazakhstan State Energy Supervision Inspectors, then of 2 x large “Akimats” (local Government bodies for to Oblasts, equivalent to States). These were part of a large “Kazakhstan Resource Efficiency Transformation (ResET) Programme”, supported by EBRD, to assist the Kazak Government with its attempts to improve the mandatory reporting and reduce the nation’s energy-consumption and CO2 emissions.

The 2 day course covered Energy Management systems, robust energy (and output) data, meaningful algorithms for characterizing performance, and EE opportunities to explore in preliminary energy audits/ assessments, including recognizing when one needs to follow-up with detailed energy audits.


Many industries in Kazakhstan are energy intense, including metal ore extraction and refining/ smelting, and rolling, cement, chemical processing, etc so attention to energy management and EE technologies will offer substantial cost savings. Furthermore, most electricity is coal-generated, therefore EE or RE opportunities offer substantial CO2 emission reductions.

07 Kazakh on-the-job audit trainingThe Kazakh Government has already made ISO50001 compliance mandatory for all “large” National energy consumers. It next proposes to have mandatory energy auditing of all large consumers. Paul co-designed this methodology, focusing on harmonizing with existing, internationally recognized audit protocols such as EN16247 and the draft ISO50002, how it is conducted (with emphasis on pre site-visit activities), and how audit findings are used. As peripheral activities, he has also developed pre-visit questionnaires to better characterize Enterprises and their make-up, advice on financial appraisal, and a system for regulating energy-auditor expertise in the country – to prevent “cowboy” 08 Kazakh thermal imageoperators undercutting respected audit organisations, providing a poor service and undermining the entire audit process.


On the back of this work, in late 2014 Paul carried out some “Express Audit” training for young Energy Auditors and students at Karaganda University, comprising: 2 day formal classroom style training followed by “on-the-job” shadow training of audits at industrial facilities. This was funded by the Kazakh Climate Change Mitigation programme (KCCMP – supported by USAID), and the final conference was televised – only my bit was dubbed-over.

09 Kazakh TV interview

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