Paul was the International industry expert contributing to the development of Georgia’s first “National Energy Efficiency Action Plan” (NEEAP). The aim of the NEEAP is to support Georgian Government towards meeting its recent COP21 Paris GHG targets of:



  • Unconditional targets of 33.3 Mt CO2(e) by 2030 – i.e. 15% below business as usual (BAU) projection
  • Conditional target of 28.5 Mt CO2 by 2030 – i.e. 25% below BAU projection and 40% below its 1990 base line position

The NEEAP was a multi-faceted plan, covering policy, power-generation, industry, buildings, transport and cross-sectoral activities. The various strands identified substantial energy/ CO2 saving opportunities (over the BAU scenario of a steady growth in the economy) between 2015 – 2030.


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