Paul has a broad network of Associates with whom he is happy to work with in partnership, or to personally recommend for specific tasks or activities.

Chris Prentice

Chris offers support and advice to Organisations through energy audits and surveys. He can help develop energy management systems and many energy-efficiency and renewable energy technologies, especially for the Public and Commercial Service sectors. He can be contacted at

Mike Birks

Mike is a specialist in industrial energy efficiency programmes and project management. He is particularly experienced in International Development work, working extensively in Russia/ Former CIS, Central and SE Asia and the Indian sub-continent. He can be contacted at

John Huddleston

John offers experienced consultancy support to sector associations and companies on the impact of UK CCAs. He also assists in policy evaluation and impact assessment, as well as other energy policy measures and industrial energy efficiency. His website may be found here.

Prab Mistry

Prab is a Biochemical Engineer with 25 years experience in energy and environmental technical support and consultancy, with focus on the food, beverage, chemical and paper sectors.  Activities include energy audits/ analysis, waste management and wastewater treatment, and techno-commercial evaluation of large projects, including anaerobic digestion.  He can be contacted at

Jeremy Tait

Jeremy is a specialist in sustainability of consumer products, especially energy-using domestic appliances. Particularly product policies such as energy-labelling, sustainable procurement, retailer procurement policy, product performance standards, European regulations relating to environmental impact of products such as the eco-design (EuP) Directive, and supply chain agreements.   Jeremy can be contacted at

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