Training – EEBPP & Action Energy

Here, training took many forms:

  • Programme messages – often as part of a larger Conference or Exhibition
  • Launches of Energy Consumption Guides, Good Practice Guides and Case Studies, or findings from R&D projects supported by the programme,
  • Formal 1-day training sessions for sectors or multiple sectors, for instance:
    • Energy Management and Management techniques – including Policy, Metering, monitoring & targeting (MM&T), Employee awareness, motivation and empowerment,
    • Financial appraisal techniques for EE investments
  • Interactive training.  For instance:
    • Motors & drives – specific training, with break-out sessions plus a close-out quiz, aimed at maintenance operators in the Glass sector.
  • Localized “road-shows” – including joint Energy & Environmental shows (combining the things-on-offer from both the Energy programme as well as its sister Envirowise programme; linking in with the Regional Foundry and Glass monthly events.

This out-reach was seen as an integral part of the job; it represented a cost effective means of out-reach to key people from the industry.

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