For EU ETS, Paul has:

  • Provided input into EU ETS phase II sector expansions for the glass, mineral wool, gypsum and lime sectors.
  • Also for the glass and mineral wool sectors: Developed generic algorithms for the allocation of EU ETS CO2 permits for new entrants.
  • For steel: explored the ramifications of expanding the EU ETS programme to cover all processes within integrated steel, electric-arc melters and large rolling mills. This required a good understanding of the structure and competitive nature of the Global steel market, because of the danger of companies simply relocating production outside the UK, which would defeat the object of the exercise.
  • More recently, Paul has worked with industrial organisations on EU ETS applications, covering:
    •  Accessing the EU ETS New Entrant Reserve,
    • Late entry reporting compliance (helping the organisation avoid a heavy fine),
    • Exploring the opportunity for opt-out under de-minimus rules.

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